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Why Canada is the First Choice for The Working professionals to Migrate

In a recent survey conducted by a leading consulting group, Canada has become the top choice for immigrant aspirants. The country has surpassed the United State of America as the most suitable country for working professionals. The survey was conducted among 190 nations so that we can say that this popularity is worldwide. And this wave is in India as well because the Best immigration Agents in Delhi are getting constant requests for Canadian migration.

This shift of preference has seen after the Covid-19 Pandemic and the political and social disturbances in the USA. Canada has managed the Covid scenario so well that their finance is not much hampered. They have controlled the spread of the Corona Virus so that the life of the common people does not hamper much. And that’s why; they have already started the immigration process.

As per the survey, the Covid situation has played an important role in deciding the migration destination all over the world. For example, countries like Spain and Italy are out from the top ten list while countries like New Zealand and Singapore come into the popularity list because of their management of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Another reason, behind the popularity of Canada, is the anti-immigration law of Trump in the USA. After the election, people are hoping that the scenario will change but there is no such certainty. On the other hand, the political, social and financial status of Canada is far more stable. Maybe there will be change with the new government in the USA but Canada’s popularity will still remain high.

For working professionals, stability and job opportunity are the two most important factors. Apart from securing a good career in Canada, the lifestyle they can have with security is a big thing for them. They can lead a stable and peaceful life better than any other developed countries. Education and healthcare are also very important for them and this country is one of the most efficient and advanced countries also. For that reason, migrating to Canada will be the favourite especially among the Indian for the coming years as well.